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[ANSWERED]Specific forum elimination

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Gist, Jun 23, 2013.



  1. Yes.

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  3. I don't care.

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  1. I believe that the Land of the Banned forum is obsolete. Also with the fact that bans should be a private matter and not for the public to see and discuss; I think that's just uncouth. I would rather have it eliminated or make it visible for the Banned mask in the ACP.

    Bans are private.

    Edit: Punctuation errors.
  2. RE: Specific forum elimination

    This is actually quite a viable argument. Obviously, Land of the Banned has seen no use, and the primary goal with the admins lately seems to be making forum sections more economical and efficient-- coupled with the viewpoint that bans should be private, the logical choice would be to get rid of Land of the Banned.

    Should Land of the Banned ever see an opportunity to actually be used, though, the advantage to having discussion open to all members, in vain of keeping the debate between the admins and the indicted, would be a clearer-- or at least, more defined-- picture, and arguments, for the reasons of banning. The choice as a whole is clearly up to the admins, but allowing members to 'submit evidence' or argue objectively would bring in more perspectives working towards or against the sentence-- a fair trial, if you will. The jury would speak their share, as would the defendant, and the judges would listen and decide on the final verdict.

    This all feels hypothetical, though, as no one on ZEJ has been banned before, obviously. I think we should appreciate that fact-- for now, it's nice to have the Land of the Banned as some unnecessary forum which just sits there, useless. It states, "Yeah, no one on ZEJ has been banned, for all the time it's been around," which I think is something worthy of displaying in such a way. Having some count or message or something that states no one has been banned would be awkward, but to have this desolate forum stating the fact seems just right.

    And, of course, having the Land of the Banned around and remaining openly visible could serve as some small warning. "We haven't banned anyone yet, but stay in line, otherwise we have this nice place ready for you! You could always sit alone in it in shame and infamy for your misconduct!"

  3. RE: Specific forum elimination

    ^Coupled with the above it also makes for some amusing April Fool's jokes. :p

    (and with a forum this small bans actually are not private)
  4. RE: Specific forum elimination

    I... didn't even realize that Land of the Banned was visible to all members. I thought only staff members could see it
  5. RE: Specific forum elimination

    This is something I can get on board with, I think.

    Land of the Banned has primarily been used only for April Fool's jokes, which has been stated in the past (and here, by Kuda), since with our small community, we all get along relatively well, to the point where our bans have mostly consisted of joking bans between the admins, and spambots. Honestly, I see no reason for a small community to ban someone out, but the theory would be that everyone should get a say, and that Land of the Banned remain open for them to have the chance to plead their case (such as Pooka's case with the members of Sonic Station, for those who have followed that arduous saga).

    At the moment, though, there is no real use for it to exist. I can get behind closing it off so that only the staff and banned users can see it/post in it. If anyone is majorly opposed to it, we can make it a purely democratic basis for when people get banned, and majority rules or something, but I guess we can keep it hidden for now.
  6. RE: Specific forum elimination

    On top of this, there's a setting that can be enabled that makes it so only the OP and staff can see posts in that forum.
  7. RE: Specific forum elimination

    Even better. Cheers, Dark~ Do that whenever you've got a spare moment.
  8. RE: Specific forum elimination

    No. Absolutely not. Running a site like this should not be regarded as a democracy. Ever. Try to raise the "Amurika" excuse on me, but it should never work like that. Especially with bans. I don't care how many of your friends say you should be unbanned, if you break a rule, you're out.
  9. RE: Specific forum elimination

    Except there's a difference between whether someone broke a rule and whether they should be banned for it...
  10. RE: Specific forum elimination

    I'm not sure I agree 100% on that, in terms of a small forum such as this. ZEJ in particular is small enough that it could be almost considered a 'family.' As a small forum with many admins, there is room for hotheadedness in a brief bout that leads to a ban. In that case, others could easily step up and say "Hey, there's no real reason for this person to be banned." I can understand what you're saying, but my approach would be less of a 'banding together MURIKA STILE' and more of a Tribunal approach. Banned member pleads their case, people say yay or nay based on that.

    On the other hand, though, that is something that is best kept solely for the staff. Which is sort of more what I meant anyway, so my apologies if I kind of strayed from my original point.
  11. RE: Specific forum elimination

    Also disabled the board for spambots because really, they're bots. Why the fuck was the group able to view it when their appeals would consist of "CHEAP VIAGRA CIALIS *darrenface*" like the rest of their posts.

    And done, Eebrooo~
  12. RE: Specific forum elimination

    Thank you~ This may be closed now. :3

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