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All Zej Inclusive (Possible) Event - Crown of Thorns

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Sole, May 17, 2013.

  1. "To sleep without worries of a knife being buried in my back; to walk without the dangers of an arrow flying into my chest: I wish to have, for once, a day's passing without fear of death. Perhaps, just maybe, if these godforsaken lands they have named Nirshire were to lift their veil of corruption and damnation and toss it behind, just maybe they would find peace and freedom. However, I know this will never happen. The people of the Crown will never rise against His Excellency. Those who try are beaten and humiliated, as well as those who don’t. With the King and his generals about, that tyrant and those three demons, this land will hardly find new leadership. To rule by fear is Demins Hruthgor’s choice..and he plans to spread it like wildfire.

    The God of Tyranny has set his gaze upon the other nations of Galamion. He has kept years of peace between the Kingdom and the other governments, but in these peaceful times he has strengthened his forces. And with his new found strength, he will command and conquer.

    I ask for you to stand with the people of not just your nation, but of Galamion to fight the oncoming battles. Not only is this tyrant a devil to his own people, but he is a traitor to his family name. He killed his brother Tholamin to rise into power, and now he plans to use that power to take what is dear to you away. No magi of any kind will stand a chance. They will be purged if not assimilated. All who oppose his rule will perish where they stand if he is not stopped before he can act. Demins Hrothgar must be stopped."
    - A.F.


    Okay, so let me explain that excerpt I made. I was talking to Rose Swan, and I proposed that we could do something pretty awesome for when summer vacation hits. Which is pretty close.

    What I proposed was a roleplay that would act as Galamion's first large-scale event. How it was be implemented is in the planning by myself. I do not plan on making this into a Nation RP, for those who probably had that vibe.

    What will happen is The Kingdom of Nirshire will start engaging in military action with a few or more nations of Galamion. The goal is to pull a Commander Shepard: Stop the Crown's forces from taking control of the nations' governments, and overthrow the corrupted monarchy by placing the youngest prince (good guy) into the seat of power.

    As a new staff member of the site, and seeing as only the Magnolia users are pretty familiar with me, I think having an RP open to everyone would be a good way for us all to mingle doing what we do best. If you guys are interested, just say so. If enough people display interest, I will begin planning this Galamion Event.
  2. Yup! I'd be in. I've been meaning to get involved with Galamion, and I think that this is the perfect way to integrate myself. Hopefully everyone takes advantage of this opportunity!
  3. All-righty, here comes my obligatory - Anthropomorphic characters - remind my face.

    Thank you.
  4. Two people is a good start

    Awh yeah
  5. Oh shit son. Let's do this.
  6. Sounds interesting. When summer comes up, I will definitely have time to join this. (If that is indeed when you are starting it)
  7. I have a bit of planning to do. I plan on allowing players to choose their side.

    By the time the summer hits, I'll have this worked out. I need to talk to Mayari, Codaster, Rose and Trevin. The event will be divided into missions. The only feasible way to execute this is to deliver it in a DnD mission manner. Which is easy, and comfortable for everyone. Planning the whole thing right now.
  8. Color me interested.
  9. Awh yeah

    5 people
  10. Alright, this sounds cool! Consider me in as soon as I get my character in for the Runic roleplay!
  11. If you don't mind my literacy fluctuating quite a bit, absolutely.
  12. I'm obviously in. I have characters that need to be used.
  13. Enough people to do this. This is going to be rad.
  14. If by fuzzies, you mean furries, there's currently no "animal-like humanoid" race on the planet. However, you could be a lycanthrope.
  15. Also, I have Act 1 of Crown of Thorns: Conquest planned out. I am currently working on the player missions. There will be around three - five missions for Act 1.
  16. Blur, would've been better if you told me that a page ago when I first brought it up XDDD

    Ahh, anywho - interest dropped.
  17. Sorry, can't change the hard work of my fellow staff.

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