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Activity and new roleplay.

Discussion in 'Interest Checks' started by Electro, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. I've noticed lately that the majority of posts have been forum games and no one really posts in RPs, whether active or sign up. I'm thinking of making a new roleplay, but I don't want to if no one would play it anyway. I don't have much for ideas, so either post here or pm me if you have any ideas, and also tell me if this is in the wrong section. A few ideas I have are KH, pokemon or digimon, tell me if you'd be interested in any of those and give suggestions on what to do with those please. Thanks.
  2. Kingdom Hearts sounds good. hahaha short post :D
  3. lmao, I was going to make a KH RP before, but I think I might make a "different" one :p
  4. I actually have a huge SSB Roleplay in the works. Almost all the admins on this site are involved somehow. Unfortunately, it's on a different forum, but it won't take too long to sign up there. Don't be shy, it's mostly consisted out of ZEJ members. It is highly recommended that you all make an account and join the site~

  5. I have a roleplay starting up which nobody seems to be paying attention to unless I ask them. XD
  6. @Flamezone: Is your SSB RP Super Smash Bros Unlimited?

    @Kudamon: I had actually forgotten about Feywings, but I am looking forward to it and wondering when it will be active.

    @Everyone: It seems like a KH RP might be a good idea, so I'll get to work on one.
  7. Haha, no not quite. That`s just some other guy`s project. Mine is still in the works, and is sure to be awesome!

    The title of my project is Super Smash Bros. Lockdown. XP
  8. Yeah, it's good to know that other people have been noticing the lack of posts up around ZEJ outside of our Forum Games section, but I think the problem is that a bunch of our members are busy lately with other commitments, and therefore only have time to post a quick "hurt dis heal dat" message (or five, unfortunately, as the case has become).

    I must say that I'm disappointed that you're leaving War of the Gods to die, Daen. I was looking forward to it, because I love both of the series that you drew upon for the source material. Ah well, I can understand your discouragement in the lack of signups. Hopefully your Kingdom Hearts RP proves to be more successful~

    Another issue around lack of activity outside of FG would be because we have a community that is staggered heavily into groups. We have the Skypecrew (Jonno, Zantok, Flamezone, myself, and various "guest stars"), the Cult of Ustream (Kuda, Giga, Fallen, Dark/Furry, Zio, et al.), and the Ethanol Bros (Nate, Shadow, Flimzy, myself again). This sort of setup splinters the community into pieces, and many are left out of conversations (such as those pertaining to Roleplays in progress, such as Feywings and other cool RPs). It's really unfortunate, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

    In any case, Jonno and I have been posting a few threads around in the past, and don't be shy to post anything that crosses your mind in the Spam Island section, or any sort of "intelligent thoughts" (lol yarite.jpg) in Miscellaneous Conjectures. You never know what might spark out a good ol' debate/interest~
  9. I'm sorry about War of the Gods Eebit, but you were the only person other than me who signed up and I pretty much assumed that no one else was interested, but if I start getting new sign ups, I'll continue it.

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